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An interesting two-wheeled hybrid which may be the first in a new category of motorcycles. A cross between the dynamic handling of a naked bike and the conservative power plant of a chopper, wrapped in an aesthetic designer package which will definitely draw its share of attention. Since the bike is new to the market, its hard to analyze consumer response, but looking at the success of the majority of Yamaha models, the future of the Bulldog is probably secure.
The looks of the Yamaha Bulldog are a good enough reason by themselves to get our development department interested in designing an Akrapovic SLIP-ON exhaust system. On the other hand, the engine comes from Yamaha’s chopper line, which means that it will be a bit short of breath, and a little extra encouragement wont do any harm. For this reason we have developed an Akrapovic exhaust system which, as an aftermarket component, will allow Bulldog owners to improve the performance of their bike as well as add to the aesthetics of the look with a simple conversion.
Where should you start with tuning your motorcycle? A lot of people start with the exhaust system, since its easy accessibility and minimal interference gives visible results quickly. We believe that the Akrapovic SLIP-ON system is the right place to start satisfying your wish to modify your Yamaha.
The Akrapovic SLIP-ON exhaust system is composed of two main parts: a muffler and a link pipe. In the case of the Bulldog it’s a dual system, since the stock system is set up on both sides of the bike. The conical link pipe is available in two options: high-quality stainless steel or lightweight exotic titanium; there is no difference in the performance. In both cases the joints with the muffler and the header assembly are free-floating connections. The joint between the muffler and the link pipe is held together with high-quality silicon-shielded tensioning springs, while the joint between the link pipe and the header assembly is secured with metal clamps.
NOTE: In order to attach the mufflers on both sides of the frame, we have developed a special additional bracket which sits below the stock brackets for the rear foot-pegs. The aluminum brackets with all the necessary bolts are included in the Akrapovic SLIP-ON kit, which also includes the metal clamps needed to attach the link pipes to the header assembly.
While the additional aluminum brackets are mounted under the stock bracket for the rear foot-pegs, the mufflers are attached to the stock muffler brackets, using the familiar Akrapovic carbon-fiber clamps which guarantee all the necessary compactness for carrying the back end of the exhaust system. The mufflers are mounted in a slightly higher position than normal.
The Akrapovic SLIP-ON exhaust system will be an excellent visual addition to the look of your Yamaha, with the oval shape of the mufflers and the two options for the outer sleeve material (either carbon-fiber or titanium) flowing elegantly with the overall styling of the motorcycle. The rear view especially clearly demonstrates the success of the combination of the Yamaha and the Akrapovic exhaust system. But the looks are not all that will be enhanced; you probably already know that you will get an improvement in both the sound and the performance of the Yamaha’s power plant.
Measured performance of the Akrapovic SLIP-ON system:
Despite the fact that this is an entry level Akrapovic exhaust system, we have succeeded in livening up the somewhat conservative Yamaha twin, which was basically developed for a different type of motorcycle. We have increased the exceptionally steady rise of the stock power curve throughout the entire rpm range. The greatest gain can be seen where the stock curve dips slightly between 3000 and 3500 rpm, where the curve is perfectly flattened with our exhaust. Max. increased power is 4.1 HP at 3050 rpm.
Mounting the Akrapovic SLIP-ON system will really let your Bulldog’s engine breathe. Exceptional pull can be read from the torque curve, as the torque reaches its highest value from 2200 to 2800 rpm. In just 600 rpm! At 2800 rpm it reaches its maximum, which it maintains almost entirely without large fluctuations all the way to 4600 rpm. This means a smooth, comfortable ride in the middle, most useful part of the rpm range.

Installing an Akrapovic SLIP-ON exhaust system will give you several advantages over the stock system, which entirely justify the purchase of the system. Among these the savings in weight stands out. The weight savings for the Yamaha Bulldog are considerable; the combination with the titanium link pipe brings a weight savings of over 60%, which is not at all a negligible amount.
The Akrapovic SLIP-ON system is an excellent combination of aesthetic enhancement of the lines of the bike, excellent product quality, a renowned brand-name, major savings in weight, head-turning sound and a noticeable improvement in the performance of the engine.
YA BT 1100 Bulldog , 2002 ; SLIP-ON SYSTEM Link pipe’s & M-TCR1/48  titanium/carbon muffler’s L/R & clamp’s C2 & special adapters for a higher mounted muffler position
YA BT 1100 Bulldog , 2002 ; SLIP-ON SYSTEM Link pipe’s & M-TTR1/48  titanium/carbon muffler’s L/R & clamp’s T2 & special adapters for a higher mounted muffler position
stock akrapovic difference
weight measurments
11.70 kg 4.38 kg 6.32 kg
power measurments
57 HP / 5700 rpm 59 HP / 5700 rpm 4.1 HP / 3050 rpm*
noise mesurments
86db / 2750 rpm 90 db / 2750 rpm 4 db / 2750 rpm
legal for street use
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