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BT1100-Tuning Harenburg

Informations and Pictures are from Motor-Center Harenburg
Special thanks for this.

Engine tuning of the BT1100 to 60KW

The BT1100 is already actually a very beautiful vehicle, but by a few small changes, one can do her still 
another a little more extravaganter gestallten. One cannot however only change the exterior,
also the achievement can be increased. The output is increased by the
installation of a carburetor kit of 48 to 53KW. Further it is to be tunen possible by change of the compression 
and treatment of der cam shaft the engine.




Source of supply:

           Motor-Center Harenburg

            Uhlenbrock 8
            49586 Neuenkirchen
            Tel.: 05465-2354
            Fax.: 05465-2355

            web: www.yamaha-onlineshop.de
mail: Motor-Center Harenburg

information for the used parts :
Discription : Price :
Harenburg modification kit 60KW 529,- €
-Camshaft treatment (in the exchange)

250,- €

-Cylinder treatment 110,- €
-Sealing kit for Cylinder 100,- €
-Carburator tuning kit “Mikuni” 89,- €


Prices inclusive. 16 % MWST, subject to change, conditions 01.04.2003 


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