Turn signal Arizona

The mini Arizona turn signals and steering wheel end turn signals are there in each good shop 
and therefore are here indicated prices and reference sources!



BV203-307.jpg (3251 Byte)

Alu-Mini-Turn signal Arizona
CNC milled aluminum turn signals with 20mm or 40mm handle. In strong optics by longitudinal slots. Fire-new Design! Glass diameter 37mm.

Silver, 20mm handle


Silver, 40mm handlel

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BV203-363.jpg (3413 Byte)

Black, 20mm Handlel



Black, 40mm Handle

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BV203-366.jpg (4758 Byte)


Chromium-plated, 20mm Handle



Chromium-plated40mm Handle




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Aluminum steering wheel end turn signalArizona
CNC milled aluminum turn signals. Particularly for straight steering wheels. Optically outstanding co-ordinated with our Arizona mini turn signals.





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