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Bulldog-Modification from Louis

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Futuristic style elements, a pressureful, classical V2 engine and a route-friendly chassis – unites these characteristics the 1100er
Bulldog of Yamaha. Unfortunately the Serial bike cannot keep up
optically with the Yamaha study “Mastino” from the year 2001 any longer. We tried to return to the motorcycle something from the MAD
max Attituede of this study!

While the series comes along optically quite fissured, we have our “combat dog” with much black lacquer and unite polished parts a uniform appearance lent, which emphasizes the ducked, muskuloese shape of the motorcycle marvelously. This styling the 
do-VG- EXAMINED lamp mask of LSL fits as custom-made.  The good piece is not completely favorable, but with its flanks from polished aluminum also somewhat
really special. The e-examined double headlight illuminates the road not only optimally, separates leaves a clearly bissigeren impression
as the original headligth. One can manufacture the turn signal disalignment with simple metal strips, which are attached at the
lining owner.

Not at all such motorcycle to fit Yamahas Orginallenker wants, a smal route model on strangely high “Pull Back” Risern. But
fortunately a style-genuine Superbike handlebar can be installed with short LSL steering wheel holding . At things brake technology already arrived our Bulldog in the future: Clearly, the
Lucas Steel flex wire is a long-known must, in order to obtain an optimum point of brake pressure. The wave sleeping brake disk “Wave”
however are something for the eye their form saves weight, improves thedissipate heat, works self-cleaning, beuenstigt even abrasion and
provides for outstanding braking action.

Many details at our change are economical: The e-examined turn signals also easily sounded glaesern insert themselves stylistic just as perfectly in the overall view, as black elexierten mirrors and a black mini horn. The Superbike taillight with integrated license plate light itself beautifully under the polished tail part and makes the original license plate light redundant. Then the oversize splash guard
can fall saw to the victim one turn signal attachment can easily of metal angles be made and at the framework screwed on. Cover for socket head screws provide for a professional finish. With our foot slot joints you can install not only the coolen Folding slots but 8 Design
slots from our assortment are completely free of charge to turn the cover between the cylinders around 90°… so to work them
simply dynamic the writing must become naturally away polished.

Since our exhibit also from the sound correctly which offer should, we installed 
“Vampires” from BSM – without ABE
“Only Race & show”


and then would be there still something… you it noticed? Fork and shield of our Bulldog come from the 1000er Fazer. The fork
cross-beams fit without problems into the yoke of the BT, together with Fazer shield and BT orginal wheel, which must however again be

All Fakts to the used parts :
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Discrption :


Price :

LSL head light cover “ALIEN” 10007002 629,- €
LSL Superbike-Steel handlebar 10021179 38,95 €
LSL Handle bar-holder 10021355 89,95 €
Grasp rubber “Lacer” 10019954 3,95 €
Lever to adjust Break and clutch 10019104 4,94 €
Mirrow “FLAT” left 10028126 39,95 €
Mirrow “FLAT” rigth 10028127 39,95 €
Universal turn signal “CLEAR” ,front left/rear rigth 10033300 6,95 €
Universal turn signal “CLEAR” ,front rigth/rear left 10033301 6,95 €
Tankpad black 10026142 9,95 €
Mini-buzzer ,black 10034929 7,95 €
Clip for igniton cable 10018144 3,95 €
Lucas break wire/Steel flex wire front 10045414 127,95 €
Lucas break wire/Steel flex wire rear 10045415 46,95 €
foot rest cover “FOLDING” 10046568 34,95 €
foot rest articulations front 10046579 19,95 €
foot rest articulations rear 10046580 19,95 €
Control lever head 10046026 7,95 €
LSL Crash-Pads 10022031 49,95 €
Installtion kit for LSL Crash-Pads 10022061 45,95 €
Chrome-plated cap-set M6 10006111 1,95 €
Chrome-plated cap-set M8 10006112 1,95 €
Cap half round M6 10006114 7,95 €
Cap lens M6 10006117 7,95 €
Rear ligth Superbike 10033637 14,95 €
Holder with Rear ligth 10026060 7,95 €
Aluminium-Panel (for licence) 10032310 9,95 €
Valve cap “Piston” silver 10005260 6,95 €
BSM “Vampire” silencer 10030499 679,- €
Silencer faceplate 10005871 24,95 €
Sideplate-Set Aluminium, polished 10005761 69,95 €
Sideplate-Set ABS-PVC, carbonlock 10005762 69,95 €
More parts for the BT1100 (no displayed)
LSL feet rest cover, silver 10047802 19,95 €
LSL articulation kit for Feet rest, front 10047827 24,95 €
LSL articulation kit for Feet rest, rear 10047828 24,95 €
LSL Tail-higher setting 10026581 69,95 €
Hepco&Becker baggage bridge 10023744 129,95 €
Hepco&Becker complet-truss 10023743 176,95 €
Krauser side truss 10024917 157,95 €
Krauser baggage bridge 10024918 108,95 €
Five Stars roll-over bar (chrom) 10022342 109,95 €
Five Stars side truss “De-Lock” 10022633 149,95 €
Five Stars Topcase truss for “De-Lock” 1002634 119,95 €
Lucas brake pad, front 10044978 25,95 €
Streetfighter-handle bar cover 10006574 199,95 €
RR-oel temprature gager 10034159 49,95 €
Delo Batterie 10036231 69,95 €
Spark plug NGK BPR7EIX Iridium IX 10035100 15,95 €
Polish set “de Luxe” 10003800 26,95

All parts you found in the Motobase from Louis.
Direct to Motobase of the Bulldog  

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