Ride-In Mudguard

Mudguard extension


By the mudguard of the BT1100 the engine within the front range becomes extremely
dirty with rains, which clean a difficult caused.

With the above mudguard extension shown this is not abolished, but is not facilitated
around some. The assembly of the shield extension is relatively simply held.

The mudguard extension is fastened from the inside by means of adhesive strips to the shield.
In addition, optionally can be supplied with 2 screws . The mudguard extension is from flat black fiber glass
and can to 2 different lengths (11cm and 16cm) be supplied.


11cm mudguard extension

16cm mudguard extension

           Source of supply:

        Motorradhaus RIDE IN

        Leipziger Platz 7
D-08371 Glauchau
Tel.: 03763 16400
Fax.: 03763 489917

        web: www.ride-in.de
        mail: info@ride-in.de

Discription :


Price :
mudguard extension 11cm   27,- €
mudguard extension 16cm   29,95 €

Subject to change, conditions, Stand 26.03.2003


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