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The Mastino-Concept

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Mastino Napoletano – The ultimate Bulldog



Mario Inumaru is convinced that bikers are individualists:” Most guys love to personalize their machine. With this version of BT 1100 we wanted to demonstrate, how a much attention we paid to the possibilities of customisation when we created BT concept”. He continues: “I have spend many years both in Europe and in the US and when talking to bikers there, they always touch the same point – how can I make my bike fit my personal taste.”

Retaining Bulldogs original character, the Mastino Napoletano is a radically styled roadster.

By nature, US style cruiser and custom bikes like Yamaha Star series are a prime target for modifications and many parts are available from manufacturer site as well as from specialised shops. However European style street bikes have never got the deserved attention for personalization.

This dream of personalization is part of Bulldog concept. Utilising the XV 1100 V-twin, once designed for a US cruiser, the Bulldog is a true European styled roadster for enjoyment on winding country roads. “Top performance was never an issue for us”, says Paolo Barlaan, an Italian engineer involved in Bulldogs design.

Size up: Bigger front forks and spoked wheels with fatter tyres underline the roadster character

“The bike feels at home in surroundings like here at Lago di Como where you enjoy the variety of roads from narrow passes to wide gentle swinging roads.

Another aspect was important for us too: Bikers gather on Sundays around the central piazza in Como and sit in one of the many coffee-shops on the opposite site of the street to look at their bike and chat with others. With a nicely customized machine you always enjoy the attention and admiration of other enthusiasts.”


Paolo’s description of a sunny Sunday in Como is a common sight in many bike meeting spots all over the globe. Pride of ownership fuels motorcycle enthusiasm. and a bike with elementary looks and no gimmicky solutions is a solid base for a long-lasting passion.

Bulldogs beauty and simplicity inspires customisation. Nobuaki Kuwata, and his team from Global Design in Amsterdam created such a Bulldog. ” With the Mastino Napoletano we were free from restrictions relating to production techniques or cost factors, so we could go for a ultimate customisation. We radically styled this minimalist custom machine, but it’s stunning looks still retains the original Bulldog’s character.”

Featuring larger-diameter front forks, fatter front and rear tyres and short oval mufflers, the BT1100 ‘Mastino Napoletano’ show bike has a much more muscular appearance than the stock machine. The ultimate Bulldog also features a different headlight and cowl, flatter handlebars and a chopped tailpiece that emphasise its short and stubby image.
A variety of specially-made components enhance this show bike’s special character – and the chromed fuel tank, spoked wheels and lightweight fenders all work together to underline the pure, simple and timeless beauty of the BT1100 ‘Mastino Napoletano’.

New face: different headlight and cowl


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