BT1100 Voiges





Voiges BT1100-Modifikation





source of supply:

Team Voiges

Dammstraße 35
31311 Uetze
phone.: 05173 92141
Fax.: 05173 92142


Characteristic of the change of Yamaha Voiges is the modified exhaust system Leo Vince of SBK. 
Further information to org. Plant finds it here: SBK

With the final mufflers it acts around shortened Leo Vince Enduro absorber with ABE. 
Optical model was here the exhaust system of the BT 1100 Mastino Napoletano. 
The plant including all cultivation materials + assembly, entry, if necessary change of the condition
noise in the letter offers Voiged for euro 899, -. The moreover also
the company Voiges has a shortened tail in stock. For further information turns you please to upper. Address






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